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Coffee Innovation. Flourishing Community. Better World.

At Knowledge Perk we say that we’re about more than just coffee as usual. Our mission statement guides everything we do.
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Coffee Innovation

Even the casual observer recognizes our zeal for coffee, how we push ourselves in the knowledge and craft of coffee so that our customers continually enjoy the best we can offer. Pushing ourselves is only the beginning, though. We also push hard to create engaging, immersive opportunities to transform the customer experience. Lively coffee-oriented conversations, pop-up demonstrations, and tasting events only scratch the surface. Customers, both individuals and organizations, can book events to create a custom blend unique to them. We are always asking “Why not?” and “What if?” with the aim in mind of welcoming our customers into the colorful, global culture of coffee in as deeply immersive a way as we can. While Coffee Innovation is the most readily visible aspect of Knowledge Perk’s mission, it serves as the primary platform from which we pursue the heart of our mission.

Flourishing Community

Upon shaking hands on the idea of Knowledge Perk, our founders immediately agreed that the company must exist for the good of the local community wherever Knowledge Perk opens a café, as well as the good of every community, touched through its business partnerships around the world. At home, our café is virtually always abuzz with conversations both informal and organized. Civic and community groups, non-profit organizations and church groups, book clubs, artists and other creatives, student study groups, professional networking groups, and people who are simply good friends are all common visitors to our space. We are a venue for fundraising events, weddings, and other private events.

Better World

Knowledge Perk’s vision is deep and expansive, but the desire to see communities flourish has a simple end in mind. . . a Better World. Some may say we are naïve in that vision, and we’re willing to accept that maybe we are naïve.  Still, it takes individuals engaging together in civil society to fight alienation, isolation, bigotry, and hatred. Knowledge Perk commits to innovate solutions based on compassion, integrity, respect, knowledge, and innovation.

Coffee Innovation. Flourishing Community. Better World.