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Welcome to Knowledge Perk

A small-batch roastery with a mission to transform the way you experience coffee and the global community that brings it to you.

New Partnership with Educate2Envision International

Our Honduran Connection

In the mountains of Honduras, coffee, right behind bananas, is the top economic driver for a developing nation whose citizens face many economic and social challenges. More than 100,000 Honduran families are involved in coffee production, 95% are small scale farmers and many rely on family labor to make the business work. Knowledge Perk has a strong relationship with Honduras, our customers too. KP’s popular cold brew has its origins at Finca Mira Flores farm with fourth generation coffee farmer Joel Banegas. Finca Mira Flores is located in Los Planes, Comayagua region of south-central Honduras.

Knowledge Perk’s Honduras connection
is now even stronger

through a partnership with Educate2Envision International, which provides support to coffee farming communities in rural Honduras. The children of coffee producers in Honduras face many challenges when it comes to furthering their education after primary school. Dangerous or impassable roads, long distances, lack of transportation, and financial barriers make it very difficult for these children to get the education they need to be able to help their families and communities grow. E2E is an incredible organization that makes it possible for many of these children to get the advanced education they need.

Through our partnership with E2E we are funding projects in the Los Planes region.

These projects are selected by students in the school who identify opportunities to improve their own community. The most recent project was the completion of a concrete floor for an elderly coffee farmer living in poor conditions. More projects are planned that will help strengthen the community and impact these rural communities.

Flourishing Community, Better World.

Flourishing Community and Better World are two of the foundational tenets of Knowledge Perk. It is a unique honor to, in part, fulfill that mission by making a direct impact on coffee growing communities in regions where we source coffee beans. If you would like to join us in supporting this vision, you can make a donation on E2E's website and come by the Rock Hill or Fort Mill cafes to enjoy a cold brew.


Knowledge perk strives to source the highest quality green coffee, through direct trade and reputable importers using fair trade and organic certifications. We focus both on the quality of coffee and our impact in the coffee growing communities.

Limited Release

Our limited releases focus on coffee from the top lots we can find in a single origin, with an emphasis on high coffee scores and an unmatched taste. Our limited release comes and go in smaller batches and are typically a one-time offering.

Signature Blends

KP blends are different single origins blended together creating a taste unique to knowledge perk. In keeping to our entrepreneurial roots, our blends are signified by words that have a meaning specific to that blend and is also frequently used in startups.

Single Origin

Our single origins are sourced from one specific grower, crop, and region, with an emphasis placed on the relationship to the farmer and the story that comes with it.

They are passionate about 2 things, Coffee and You. The only coffee shop I have been that treats you like family and provides a safe environment to have meets or to do work or just to relax.
Austyn Nickalo
The best coffee shop around! They roast their coffee fresh in shop and have excellent food. Atmosphere is perfect. Great place to hang out, study, have a meeting, etc.
Alex Cope
Wonderful coffee and pastries and excellent service! Everyone was so nice and it was a great environment. They clearly care about the craft of their coffee.
Catherine Cervone
No other place to go for coffee in Rock Hill/York County. This is Rock Hill's original coffee roaster. Beautiful cafe, incredible coffee, great staff.
Greg Brannon
Delicious pastry. Excellent coffee. Friendly professional service. Great vibe. Love the architectural features. Plenty of seating and a small stage for performers. New favorite coffee spot.
Kelly Lowe
Fantastic coffee! Baristas are very friendly and knowledgeable. The space they have is also really nice, will continue to return many times over!
Carl Joseph Andrews
THE COOLEST COFFEE SHOP WE HAVE EVER SEEN (having traveled to 30+ countries, it says a lot). They brew their own coffee and you can go watch as they work. Great coffee done as it should be.
Niloofar Hubrich
Best coffee in Rock Hill! Hands down! Their regular brewed coffees and specialty drinks are all delicious! Staff is very friendly and helpful! Don't waste your time going to Starbucks or other chain coffee shops... Come here and support this great local business instead!
Dan Reed
Love this place. Best tasting coffee I've had out of many places I've tried in the Charlotte area. Highly recommend it. I go out of my way just to get a cup of coffee from them, love it!
Nikita Verenych
Great atmosphere, great service, and seriously great coffee. These people know their beans, they know where they come from, they roast them in house, and know how to serve a mean cinnamon roll as well. Clean, refreshing atmosphere without feeling pretentious or fake, which is refreshing in the world of coffee today. Also love that they ship beans directly from their shop, so I can enjoy great locally roasted beans at home, too.
Michael Butler